input with if condition in r shiny

im trying to trigger another table when i input the data which the value is same in 3 times, and i dont found any solution, please let me to know how to solve this :
this is a condition when the "hasil_fu" > 3 then the table o…

Verify that Expression is a member selection

I have:
public static TMember ResolveMember<T, TMember>(T instance, Expression<Func<T, TMember>> expression) {

I can call this with: `
record Employee(string Name, int Age);
var dave = new Employee("Dave&q…

Finding which service is listening to a queue

I have a Service Bus set up and there are two services competing for messages from this SB. One service we know of, the other is a “mystery” service we can’t track down.
We would like to remove it, however we have no idea which one it is.

We have a lot of app services/webjobs running. Is it possible to programmatically (using Powershell) find which services in Azure have the queue name in the app.config file?

If I could get a list of services with that, then I’ll have a better chance of finding out which one is the culprit.

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