while loop looking for @ character

using a loop checks every character looking for an @sign. If the email address has 1 @sign print success otherwise print failure.
I get a success with just typing @
public class UserInput
public static void main(String[] args)

Grounded for Xbox and PC: Everything you need to know

Honey, I shrunk the players.

After their arrival into the Xbox Game Studios family and the launch of RPG hit Outer Worlds, Obsidian Entertainment quickly moved on to their next project: Grounded. This unique, quirky survival game shrinks the players to bugs’ size and lets them loose in an average backyard, which quickly turns into a dangerous battleground. An Xbox and PC exclusive, Grounded looks like it could be a survival classic.

Here’s everything you need to know about Grounded on Xbox One and PC.

Microscopic survival


$30 at Microsoft
$30 at Steam

It’s a big(ger) world out there.

Obsidian Entertainment makes their exclusive debut on Xbox One and PC with Grounded, a unique survival experience that literally makes all of your problems much, much bigger. Join your friends as you’re shrunk down to the size of an ant, forced to survive in a dangerous backyard.


Grounded: Everything You Need to Know
Grounded: Is it good?
Grounded: Beginner’s Guid…