Any thoughts on the Facebook data leak?

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but I would say yes. Cause the Linux community are usually on the forefront of tech, and are always sceptic of big tech.

I (finally) deleted my fcbook, I deleted my twitter sometime ago, and looking forward to deleting my whatsapp.

At the end this is the mandatory part where I remind that facebook, twitter, whatsapp, youtube, … are not your friends, and you should get rid of them, or at least be actively looking for an alternative.

And finally this is the part where I tell that, I use arch, btw.

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Inner join search in array

Is there a way to search for a value on the inner join and array? I know that sounds a little bit complicated. Lets me give you an example below:
FROM products p
INNER JOIN orders o
ON p.client_id = o.client_id

Bitlocker report

Bitlocker Report

All of our devices should have bitlocker enabled but we are seeing some machines that do not have the key saved to Azure AD.

We confirmed these devices are protected. Is there a way to generate a report of devices and their corresponding keys? I don’t necessarily need the actual key, just that there is one assigned. We have quite a few devices and most of them are in the field so an automated report would be fantastic.

Thank you in advance

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media quary to control div width

A div and its children inputs need to have width:100% when screen is less than 600px wide. Why the code below fails to do that?
I need to have the dives side by side when screen is above 600px and below each other 100% width on smaller scr…