Inject an IEnumerable of interface in controller using Dependency Injection

I want to resolve the dependency for the IEnumerable collections of the multiple class inheriting the Interface on the controller.

I want to resolve the following dependency during the application startup:

var notificationStrategy = new NotificationStrategy(
new INotificationService[]
    new TextNotificationService(), // <-- inject any dependencies here
    new EmailNotificationService()      // <-- inject any dependencies here


public class NotificationStrategy : INotificatonStrategy
    private readonly IEnumerable<INotificationService> notificationServices;

    public NotificationStrategy(IEnumerable<INotificationService> notificationServices)
        this.notificationServices = notificationServices ?? throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(notificationServices));

What is the best way of dependency injection of IEnumerable types of objects in the core without using any external dependency or library?

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