How to distribute test between reviewers or students for peer evaluation?

The problem is that I have n test and n reviewer in system. One reviewer will evaluate minimum 3 test and maximum 5. And each test require at least 3 evaluations.

Let's say i have 4 reviewers(students) and 4 tests. So it would look like this

Assigned tests to Reviewer1 = Test2, Test3, Test4 
Assigned tests to Reviewer2 = Test3, Test4, Test1
Assigned tests to Reviewer3 = Test4, Test1, Test2
Assigned tests to Reviewer4 = Test1, Test2, Test3

This problem is simple if NoOfReviewers=NoOfTest. But in my application there is a round system. And it is possible that in some rounds NoOfReviewers can be greater than NoOfTest available or NoOfReviewers can be less than NoOfTest avaialable. The solution can easily get messy with brute force approach. Is there any better way to solve this? Can i use some statistics or dynamic programming concepts like knapsack to solve it?

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