how use a fk multiplie in a table

I have a Table"Course"

CourseID WeekDayID1 WeekdayID2
1 2 4
1 2 NULL

alse a table "tblSiteWeekDay" that contains week day titles and I also have a CourseModel

public class CourseModel{
public int  CoursID { get; set; }
public string WeekDayTitle1 { get; set; }
public string WeekDayTitle2 { get; set; }

some courses will be hold in 2 days of a week the other courses only hold in one day of a week.

I select all the courses with below procedure

        tsw1.WeekDayTitle as SiteWeekDayTitle1,
        tsw2.WeekDayTitle as SiteWeekDayTitle2
    inner join tblSiteWeekDay as tsw1 on tblCourseSchedule.SiteWeekDayID1=tsw1.SiteWeekDayID    
    inner join tblSiteWeekDay as tsw2 on tblCourseSchedule.SiteWeekDayID2=tsw2.SiteWeekDayID 

when I try to show courses in my view IT only shows courses that hold in 2 days of week others courses that hold in one day of a week wont be shown and below code is my html view codes

@foreach (var item in Model)
                            @if (item.WeekDayTitle2!="")
                            <span>و @item.WeekDayTitle2 </span> 

sorry for my grammer im not english and please help me this id my first real project

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