GKE: Google Compute Engine: Required ‘compute.networks.get’ but permissions are there?

When attempting to create a GKE cluster via gcloud, web console, or pulumi I'm receiving the error: Google Compute Engine: Required 'compute.networks.get.

The permission for this account have Owner, Editor, and Compute Admin. Testing for compute.networks.get using the troubleshooter also shows that it is good.

Not sure why this is happening. It seemed to have been working fine the day before.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I can also run gcloud compute regions describe us-east1 --project=myproj as well as the list command without issue so something is not adding up.

Edit 2: Full error is:

googleapi: Error 403: Retry budget exhausted (5 attempts): Google Compute Engine: Required 'compute.regions.get' permission for 'projects/myproj/regions/us-central1'., forbidden

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66282084/gke-google-compute-engine-required-compute-networks-get-but-permissions-are

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