Getting frequencies by fft_frequencies() function in Librosa

I want to know what does the output array of 'fft_frequencies()' function mean.
I've heard that there are overtones corresponding each note,
but the output array seems to include only one frequency for each note per second.
I want to know if the array already includes the overtones.

The code I wrote is below:

import librosa
from scipy import signal

y, sr = librosa.load('./data/dreamy.wav')
Nfft = 256
stft = librosa.stft(y, n_fft=Nfft,
freqs = librosa.fft_frequencies(sr=sr, n_fft=Nfft)


And the result like this:

[    0.           86.1328125   172.265625    258.3984375   344.53125
   430.6640625   516.796875    602.9296875   689.0625      775.1953125
   861.328125    947.4609375  1033.59375    1119.7265625  1205.859375
   ... ]

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