Jupyter interpreter permanently changed

I was playing around with a new library which setup a new venv and interpreter (python 3.8) to the following location.

import sys

While this was fine when I had activated the venv, once I deactivate it and run the Anaconda3 jupyter notebook again, I still see the same interpreter. Could someone help explain how to can I revert it back to the original? I tried going to the "change kernel" option (as mentioned in this answer) but I only see one option "python 3" there.

Just to clarify, in the terminal it still shows the default interpreter to be the correct one -

$which python

More importantly, is there a way I can have both available through the notebook options as it should be (in change kernel option)

Edit: I am using a mac and not Windows or linux.

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64949574/jupyter-interpreter-permanently-changed

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