Julia JuMP array variable constraint

I am trying to model a non-linear problem involving vector rotation using JuMP in Julia. I need a constraint, which looks something like v[1:3] == rotate(v) If I write it like this, it does not work, since "Nonlinear expressions may contain only scalar expressions". How can I work around this?

I could say something like v[1] == rotate(v)[1] and same for v[2] and v[3], but then I would have to compute rotate(v) three times as often. I could also try to split the rotate function into three functions which compute one element each, but the actual constraint is a bit more complicated than a simple rotation, so this could prove to be tricky.

Are there any other ways to do this? Maybe to have something like an auxiliary variable which can be computed as a vector and then in the constraint only compare the elements of the two vectors (essentialy the first approach, but without computing the function three times)?

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64947073/julia-jump-array-variable-constraint

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