Quickly find all Bitbucket Pull requests for a Jira issue

I would like to find all pull requests for a Jira issue. Obviously, this is a possible task, as Jira itself shows the information:

Screenshot Jira/Bitbucket integration

Currently, I retrieve a list of all merged and open pull requests via the Bitbucket API, and pattern match these to my issue number. This is time consuming, even more so as I have to load the pull requests in batches of 100 (Max limit in Bitbucket), and we have our code spread in several repositories.

There is an integration api call to bitbucket: /rest/jira/1.0/issues//commits, which will show all commits to this issue, but .../pullrequests is not available.

Does anyone know, how Jira retrieves this information?

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/42222319/quickly-find-all-bitbucket-pull-requests-for-a-jira-issue

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