How to match the order of colors in a figure to the code exactly in R?

I'm making a graph using bipartite and trying to match the order of the colors I write into the code to the boxes in the figure created, ie. if the first color I put in is #32ddff (I'm using HEX) usually the first box on that left in the figure is that color, and it just repeats the set of colors for all the variables. That is the normal situation and what I want, but the colors aren't plotting in order here. How do I fix this?

    col.interaction = c("#32ddff", "#4fdee4", "#75dec4", "#9adea3", "#bfdd84", "#e2de65", 
    col.high = c("#32ddff", "#4fdee4", "#75dec4", "#9adea3", "#bfdd84", "#e2de65", 
    col.low = c("black"),
    text.high.col = "black",
    text.low.col = "black",
    text.rot = 270,
    adj.low = 1,
    adj.high = 1.1,
    y.lim = c(-1,2.9),
    low.spacing = 0.2,
    high.spacing = 0.02,
    high.lab.dis = 0,
    high.y = 1.4,
    low.y = -1.1


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