Assigning a division value in PDDL 2.1 , Metric FF

I have 3 variables in functions section: (x) (y) (z)

I have initialized all of them to 0 in my problem init.

An action in my domain changes the value of x and y.

Now when I try to assign the value of x/y to z , it says it is not a linear task.

(assign (z) (/ (x) (y) ) )

But when I write (assign (z) (/ (x) 2 ) ) it assigned correct value which is x/2, similarly (assign (z) (/ (y) 2 ) ) it is assigned correct value (y/2). This ensured that x and y are not zeroes.

Now why (assign (z) (/ (x) (y) ) ) is not working? Please help me out.

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