TTS problem with Spanish Accents using AWS Polly

First Post. Not a techie. I'm posting here after total frustration with AWS support or total lack of support on their forums. I'm an educator trying to create content for my students during the pandemic as morale is very low and depression (and even suicides) are setting in with kids. I'm creating animated videos using NTTS for characters.

My problem is with UTF-8 coding. I'm using AWS Polly Neural text to speech at the command line interface (CLI) with cmd batch files (Windows 10 Pro 64 bit). AWS will not handle Spanish accents properly. For example Café will end up being spoken (output is mp3) as copyright, café.

Without any support or answers from AWS, i did my own research and found a bandaid solution, to use the beta in Region, Current System Locale, so that Unicode UTF-8 is selected. This fixed my problem and required a reboot. Further research tells me this is not a viable solution as it may cause issues with other Windows applications. Since AWS can't/won't help, I'm open to any other suggestions. Oh, changing the code page (CHCP) at the AWS CLI doesn't work, nor does their own environment parameters (set AWS_CLI_FILE_ENCODING=UTF-8) which are meant to set page to UTF-8. My locale is English United States. Many thanks for any ideas, knowing you are likely not AWS Polly users. And also, using AWS because it is free and quality of their Neural is far superior to other free services.

edit: Spanish accents are handled properly using the online AWS console. The problem is only at the CLI (command line interface). AWS Support approach is for user to try things, which fail each time, without testing them or using a KB. It's basically a trial and error approach, good luck, hope this works for you, with none of their suggestions working. Spanish accents should work with CLI according to them, it's a code page issue.

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