Issues running a method asynchronously, and returning an object

In my code I am reading from a json file in one class and needing it to return an object I created.

The object I entitled StockData (its a stock with symbol, name, price, etc..)

In page 2 I call a method from page 1 to 'getStockData()'.

The method looks similar to:

public async Task<StockData> getStockData()
            string apiString = await apiConnection.DownloadStringTaskAsync(API);

            // ... important code is run ...
            // ... newStock is created as a  new StockData() type ...

            // returning newStock, which returns as a Task<StockData>
            return newStock;

Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, I cannot just return a StockData because an asynchronous method does not work that way.

However, on page two where the method is called from, I need to figure out some kind of way to convert it away from the task...

Here is an example of what I have on the other side:

StockData newStock = dm.getStockData();

Now I understand why its not working. So I don't need an explanation as to why my code isn't working. I just don't have a solution to get it to work.

Does anyone know how I can get this to work? Any work arounds or adjustments to my code I can do while still allowing the method to run asynchronously?

Many thanks ahead! :)

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