Conditional visibility on MS Access Form – how to write in VBA or Macro

I have some very (very) basic MS Access knowledge. I'm trying to expand a bit into either VBA or macros as I'd like to put in some conditional visibility for my form. Basically, I have a checkbox. If it's checked, I want three or four more fields to pop up. Someone was able to point me to a basic VBA formula of if (this checkbox) = true then, (fieldx).visible = true, else, (fieldx).visibility = false, end if.

But I'm so new to this that I need more help and explanation. I tried putting it in but couldn't get it to work (no error message, just nothing changed at all).

Specific questions:

-Does this formula seem right?

-If I want multiple fields to be visible, can I combine them into one formula or should I create a new "if" statement for all?

-Where do I enter this code? I'm running the Office 365 version. For all I know, I'm not even putting it in the right place.

-How do I determine the field names to replace the (this checkbox) and (fieldx) in the formula? I tried entering the name I title the fields as, but with the spaces in the name I got an error message, and without the spaces nothing happened. Is there a specific naming convention to turn the field names into formula-appropriate titles? Is the name listed somewhere?

-Once I get the formula entered, is there something I have to do to get it to run/take effect? I tried saving, closing and reopening with no changes.

-Is this the best way to go about this?

If there's anything else you think I should know, I would love to hear it - but please keep in mind I'm very new to this so if you could keep it at "dummy" or ELI5 levels of explanation, I'd appreciate it!

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