How to copy instance attribute deeply?

What should I do to copy session attribute deeply?
import copy

from requests_toolbelt.sessions import BaseUrlSession

class MyClass:
def __init__(self, url):
self.session = BaseUrlSession(base_url=url)

o = MyClass(url=’http…

Accessing object properties

On I need to link to the list of the most popular tracks. The error "TypeError: Cannot read property ‘track’ of undefined" appears. How can I access the "name" property?
import React, {Component} from ‘react’;

c++ rapidjson get add value to exist array

I try create class witch will be add value to Json array, i do it like:
void functions::Json::SetArray(rapidjson::Document &JsonObj, std::string ArrayName, std::string value)
if (!JsonObj.IsObject())

Whats wrong with importing font in expo project

I tried to use Montserrat as a font, but faced Error: Rendered more hooks than during the previous render.
Here is my code:
import React from ‘react’;
import {
StyleSheet, Text, View, SafeAreaView, TouchableOpacity, TextInput
} from ‘rea…

How to open .img files with node.js

I have to get file from .img file with node.js. Is there any lib for node js for open .img files? Or I have to use a standard Linux mout command with node exec? What is the best way to extract file from .img image with node.js?

Qt signal slot button

I need to change my text in QLabel every time when I clicked in order to my info updates.
When I change the value of A, the value of B must change, too.
I have two button that can change values in two QLabel (value of A, value of B).

How to convert the query to a bulk operation?

There is a query:
const stmt = "UPDATE `table_name` SET available=’yes’ WHERE name = ? age = ?";

const params = [‘name1’, 10]

db_connection.query(stmt, params, (err) => {});

Is it possible to convert this query to bulk for …

For loop and databases in Rstudio

I need to load the nth number of databases for further processing in Rstudio. Is it possible to do this with the for loop?
If do everything with hands (without a loop), it looks like this:
d1 = read.spss("r28iall_32.sav",…