Azure AZ-104 Exam

Looking for some advice around the AZ-104 Exam.

I’m looking at some point in the new year to sit this exam. I’ve worked in IT for nearly 10 years now, working in all sorts of Environments, 5 years at a MSP, then a Infrastructure Engineer role, and now in the Cyber industry. So when it comes to IT, I’d describe myself of knowing a bit of everything. Over the years I’ve had exposure to lots of different technologies, different environments etc… but I’ve never classed myself as being “an expert” in one subject, but now I want to do that, I want to take this Azure Admin exam and then build on it.

My issue is, exams have never been a strong point for me, hands on and getting involved in whatever it is, I’m really good, but exams, I am awful. So I’m worried I would not be able to pass it.

So my question’s are;

  1. Should I take the AZ-900 exam before the 104? Or is that a waste of time and money?
  2. How hard is AZ-104, should I be able to pass it with my experience?
  3. What is the best exam material to use to pass this exam?
  4. I took some exams quite a few years ago now, A+ & Network + exams, and I used the Exam cram technique and doing lots and lots of practise exams to pass, would this technique work with the AZ-104 exam?

Thanks in advance.

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