How do I create regex to split string up exactly into 3 parts? (PHP)

Basically I have a bunch of strings in a database and I need to split them into 3 parts. First part should be the very first word, nothing else, so I can use explode for that. The second and third parts are tricky, as the string and word length is not consistent, for example:

  • Michelin Alpin 3 185/70 R14 GRNX --> [Michelin] [Alpin 3] [185/70 R14 GRNX]
  • Continental VancoWinter 2 225/75 R16C C M+S --> [Continental] [VancoWinter 2] [225/75 R16C C M+S]
  • Kleber VIAXER 175/70 R13 82T --> [Kleber] [VIAXER] [175/70 R13 82T]

I tried quite a few regex patterns to get these 3 parts back, but no luck so far. I would really appreciate any ideas!

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