Spark partition size greater than the executor memory

I have four questions. Suppose in spark I have 3 worker nodes. Each worker node has 3 executors and each executor has 3 cores. Each executor has 5 gb memory. (Total 6 executors, 27 cores and 15gb memory). What will happen if:

  • I have 30 data partitions. Each partition is of size 6 gb. Optimally, the number of partitions must be equal to number of cores, since each core executes one partition/task (One task per partition). Now in this case, how will each executor-core will process the partition since partition size is greater than the available executor memory? Note: I'm not calling cache() or persist(), it's simply that i'm applying some narrow transformations like map() and filter() on my rdd.

  • Will spark automatically try to store the partitions on disk? (I'm not calling cache() or persist() but merely just transformations are happening after an action is called)

  • Since I have partitions (30) greater than the number of available cores (27) so at max, my cluster can process 27 partitions, what will happen to the remaining 3 partitions? Will they wait for the occupied cores to get freed?

  • If i'm calling persist() whose storage level is set to MEMORY_AND_DISK, then if partition size is greater than memory, it will spill data to the disk? On which disk this data will be stored? The worker node's external HDD?

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