How do I make an error response for a specific command on a cog

I have a kick command in a cog and it works. But the error event that I put for the kick command triggers all the other error events that I have set up in my other cogs. For example, I have a ban command ( and a kick command ( each have their own code for the error event like the code below. But I want them to have its own error like @kick.error or @ban.error because when I get an error on one of the commands, it shows the error for both of them. But sadly @kick.error or @ban.error doesn't work in cogs. Please help me fix this.

async def on_command _error(self, ctx, error):
   if isinstance(error, commands.MissingRequiredArgument):
        await ctx.send('(text here)')
    if isinstance(error, commands.MissingPermissions):
        await ctx.send("(text here)")

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