Getting all duplicate substring with regular Expression [closed]

so i have this string for example

    AddController "Controller_025"
    AddAlias"AUTO PAD"
    AddAlias"Dual Trigger 3-in-1"
    AddAlias"Dual Trigger 3-in-1 Rumble Force"
    AddAliasFireStorm Wireless Gamepad
    AddAliasFirestorm Wireless Gamepad
    AddAliasLogitech Cordless RumblePad 2
    AddAliasLogitech Cordless RumblePad 2 USB
    AddAliasLogitech Dual Action
    AddAliasLogitech Dual Action (USB)
    AddAliasLogitech Dual Action USB
    AddAliasLogitech Rumblepad 2 USB
    AddAliasLogitech RumblePad 2 USB
    AddAlias"Run 'N' Drive Rumble Force"
    AddAlias"Run 'N' Drive Wireless"
    AddAlias"Run'N' Drive"
    AddAlias"Run'N' Drive Rumble Force"
    AddAlias"Run'N' Drive Wireless"
    AddAlias"Run'N'Drive 3-in-1 Rumble Force"
    AddAlias"SpeedLink D-Struct"
    AddAlias"SpeedLink Strike Cubed"
    AddAlias"SpeedLink Turbo Pad"
    AddAlias"T Mini Wireless"
    AddAlias"T-wireless 3-in-1 Rumble Force"
    AddAlias"TURBO PAD"
    AddAlias"Thrustmaster FireStorm(TM) Wireless"

Can someone help with the pattern that can find all duplicate of any string given...

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