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I'm trying to get the url of the final destination of a specific website, but all the templates I've found to use as a function in my spreadsheet, only return the initial link:

function getRedirect(url) {
  var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url, {'followRedirects': false, 'muteHttpExceptions': false});
  var redirectUrl = response.getHeaders()['Location']; // undefined if no redirect, so...
  var responseCode = response.getResponseCode();
  if (redirectUrl) {                                   // ...if redirected...
    var nextRedirectUrl = getRedirect(redirectUrl);    // calls itself recursively...
    Logger.log(url + " is redirecting to " + redirectUrl + ". (" + responseCode + ")");
    return nextRedirectUrl;
  else {                                               // ...until it's not
    Logger.log(url + " is canonical. (" + responseCode + ")");
    return url;

This is the model where I put:

In the spreadsheet it returns:

I would like to collect the link to after redirect:

Read more here:

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