PowerBi row-wise calculation: a measure is treated as one row instead of a variable like 5000

The issue is that when I tried to calculate the latency for 1000+ rows with selected threshold, I created the threshold in another table then put those number in a slice. When I want to do the calculation with the formula 'LatencyFlag = if('ServiceLevelIndicators Latency'[Fact] > ThresholdByApplications[selectedValue], 1, 0)' trying to get the sum of the row whose latency is above the threshold, the ThresholdByApplications[selectedValue] is treated as a row so I got the rows aligned to be 5000,0,0,...,0 when doing calculation with the left side. And if I put direct 5000 in the place of ThresholdByApplications[selectedValue], it works as expected. So do you ever encounter the situation where, instead of putting the number in each row, you select a value from a newly created table, then refer that in the calculation in another table, acting like a variable instead of one row. Thank you!

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67014866/powerbi-row-wise-calculation-a-measure-is-treated-as-one-row-instead-of-a-varia

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