Legacy Auth and iOS Mail App

I seem to find conflicting information on this. So we have enabled modern auth and MFA and newer iPhones can connect to O365 no problem as long as they do the “sign in” option instead of “configure manually”. They show up in the console as Apple Inter…

Azure function zip deploy failing with generic error

I’ve got an azure function app that is failing to deploy via .zip in a CI/CD pipeline/release and can’t seem to figure out what the error is to actually resolve (other than the generic “zip deploy from package failed”).

The function app was initially the base model plan but required a vnet so a new one was created with the premium plan and the same code used to create a new artifact in the pipeline to then release. The code works fine locally and there are no build errors.

I noticed in Kudu that the zip file does exist in the directory and so it doesn’t seem to be a firewall/ACL issue grabbing the zip from the correct location. I also downloaded the zip to check it out and see if it was using the correct code, which it is.. I saw a log file floating around with a 2018 timestamp on it that iirc said “Zip could not be found” but I think that’s just something built automatically when the function is deployed?

I’ve seen some mentions online about a certain app setting, which seems to be there and correct and i believe was added to the app automatically when adding the vnet integration.

I feel like this has something to do with the upgrade to the premium plan, though I don’t know what to check and what setting would have any affect on the deployment of the zip?

We have tried:

to create both a new pipeline and release too, although I don’t see why this would require changing?

starting and stopping the service numerous times (this seems to be mentioned as a fix online)

manual zip deploy push from kudu itself

Any help would be appreciated

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Cheap DB for a community site

I’m beginner and want to develop a community site like Reddit or StackOverflow. I expect my DB costs to be high and I would like to know how to do it cheaper. I was thinking of using Cosmos DB, but I hear it is expensive. Which DB is cheaper for this p…

Shared disk questions

I have two VMs which mounted a shared disk. If I create a file in a shared disk in one of two VMs, another VM do not see a file only but after remount. Another problem is that in one VM, I am not able to mount more than one disk at once. Say, I have tw…

Vnet to Vnet connection vs Peering?

I was looking at this guide on how to create failover groups for SQL managed instances and they recommend that you use a VNET to VNET connection connected connecting the two VNets of the managed instances together.

That seems like quite a lot of work – why wouldn’t they just allow peering?

As far as I know, in both cases, the traffic goes through the Azure backbone. Fundamentally, what is the difference between a connection and peering and why would you need to do one over the other?

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Topology check needed!

I’m in the middle of a project and it would be cool if you guys could take a look over my thought topology.

So we got 2 different environments: prod/test (A) + dev (B)
Like that I created 2 “routes” as a hub-spoke technology sofar (bare bones):

(A) On-Premise -> Azure Prod/Test VNet as Hub -> Peered spoke for the project
(B) On-Premise -> Azure Dev Hub VNet as Hub -> Peered spoke for the project

So every prod/test project gets connected to the hub for prod/test and dev to the hub for dev.
Like this people can develop like crazy and never hurt test or prod environment as it is fully separated.
But now I wonder how to do BIGGER things shared. Like an Azure Firewall? An application gateway with WaF?
Do you guys have even those things twice?
Do you have a “middle” Vnet, so between (A) and (B), with a leg in each Hub Vnet for those things?
They are pretty costly just to have it even though I do understand the security concern without it.

So am I sofar on the right track? Is there anything you guys do learned to do different – maybe just by daily experience?
Gotta have it future proof.

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