Advice for debugging and tracing slow SQL queries?

I’m trying to help a friend with some old code that uses azure v1 functions and EF 6 to write to azure sql databases, but having a difficult time tracing where all the generated queries are coming from. I can use Query Insights to find the highest CPU queries and longest duration ones, but it’s tough to both pinpoint specific ones due to the difficulty of parsing really long EF generated SQL and also tough to get a clear overall picture of the general features/functions that are most taxing on the database.

So I wanted to see if there is any easy solution I might be missing? Does Azure let you view a breakdown of resources consumed in the DB split by different DB users or anything like that?

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Non-developer Sysadmin wanting to become an Azure Architect

Hi all,

I come from a sysadmin/network engineering background with 10+ years of experience, lots of experience with batch and PowerShell scripting, and understand the basics of Python. I also have a very basic understanding of DevOps – no commercial experience, just self-study.

My current role involves working a lot with hybrid cloud, M365 and some Azure services, mainly storage and identity. I’ve recently also passed my AZ104 exam.

The question is, how hard would it be for someone from a completely non-developer background to become an Azure architect or solutions cloud architect? Is it possible?

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Disaster Recovery Best Practices

If you want a pretty quick RTO of about 1 work day. Does it make sense at all to have a K8s failover to your data center? Seems impossible to set up that quickly and a waste of money to have the infra structure up and running the whole time just in cas…

Azure Template Deployment – BadGateway

I was attempting to create a resource using the custom template deployment. The goal is to create a private link for Power BI. I followed the directions on the following link:

I replaced the resource name with the name suggested in the link ( myPowerBIResource ) and also changed the tenant-object-id to match the tenant-object-id of my power bi service.

Everything seemed to work at first, but during deployment, it fails repeatedly with the error message: BadGateway

It’s been repeatedly failing and retrying for about an hour.

Any idea what might be going on?

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Examples of startups kicked out of Azure?

I’m working on a project that may go against interests of one of MS subsidiaries. My concern is if we do it on AZ they may get visibility into what’s inside or even kick me out of AZ. On the other hand, there is a clear benefit in using AZ for this because of the data source proximity.

Are there any examples of AZ accounts being closed for going against interests or breaking Terms of Service of OTHER MS subsidiaries?

E.g., maybe they closed an account for running a LinkedIn scraper on an AZ VM.

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Secure LDAP in Azure

I know how LDAP works with AD, but I am wondering how Azure Active Domain Directory Services works. We have setup AADDS already, this was done before I joined the team. Our AAD is separated from our AD on prem. We were asked to setup secure LDAP on Lin…