Dashboard showing list of VMs with status? (Running, Stopped, Deallocated, etc.)

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to figure out how I would create an Azure Dashboard showing the list of VMs in a given subscription along with their status (basically looking similar to the vm section of Azure)

Is this possible? I see there is an all resources option but I would just be looking for a list of vms with their statuses.

Thanks for any input.

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Azure Sentinel without MS ATP

Hi all, The client I currently work for use a NGAV called CrowdStrike. They are looking in to the possibility of getting Azure Sentinel as a SIEM to enhance their response and coverage. Having looked in to what you can get, is it accurate to say that A…

Apache Spark and OSS Data Adventures Interview Questions


I’m helping to organize Microsoft Create: Data. During the event, we have Holden Karau joining for an interview with Cheryl Adams, Holden will cover her journey with Spark and will share insights and best practices on how to join an open-source project related to distributed data.

They are seeking your help with what would you like to learn about onboarding to OSS data project like Apache Spark.

Thank you.

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Black Friday Deals at Skylines Academy

Hey everyone,

In case you missed it, Skylines Academy are still running 50% off yearly memberships for Black Friday 2020. This includes all my Azure courses, as well as other authors fantastic courses on M365, Terraform etc.

Details are here:

There’s also a new coaching Cloud Success Program which is on sale as well.

Hope to see more of you there!


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Azure Files – External access using domain joined storage account


I’d like to get some clarification on whether what I’m planning is in fact possble.

Current setup

  • Azure Storage account set up with shares.
  • On-prem file server converted to caching server via Azure File Sync
  • Azure Storage account joined to on-prem AD to allow for access to both the file server/caching server and direct to Azure Files in the cloud.

All the above works with no issues providng users have direct sight to the internal AD.

My original plan was to allow users to access the Azure file share via the caching server when onsite and direct via Azure files when outside of the network. I’m not entirely clear on why this only works for the clients on the LAN. My thinking (which is clearly wrong) is that the process works as follows:

  1. You add the ACLs to the share in Azure Files. Those ACLs have been synced from your on-prem AD via Azure AAD Sync.
  2. User connects to the share directly via Azure Files/Storage account presenting the account SID of the connecting user account.
  3. Azure Storage account share checks the SID against the allowed SIDs and they match so access is allowed.

Question 1 – Line of Sight to the on-prem domain is clearly required. I’d like to know what I’m misisng in my understanding of the above process.

Question 2 – I already have an existing S2S VPN between my on-prem environment and Azure. Can I use this VPN and assign a VNET to it as well as dropping the storage account into the VNET and thus allow users outside of the LAN to authenticate against the storage account via my on-prem AD?

Thanks for any pointers you have.

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Advice on practice projects in Azure with free account

Hi everyone,

I’m currently studying for the Azure 104 certification and would like to make a career transition to a junior systems or software admin. I currently have 3 laptops (MCB, windows, and centos) and would like some advice on personal projects I can do with my machines that mimic real world scenarios. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance =)

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Recommended way to sync files between a on-premises VM and Azure App Services

Hi guys!

So, one of our clients has a WebApp running on Azure App Services and now that App needs to export some XML files to a on-premises VM that can’t be accessed from outside the company’s local network for security reasons.

So my idea is to save the XML files into an Azure Data Lake blob container and then set up a small PowerShell script in the local VM to scan the said container every N minutes and download anything it finds.

My question is, is this the best approach to this issue? I’m fairly new to Azure so maybe there is a better way to handle that process that I’m unware of. Thanks in advance for the help!

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All it takes is a year

If you lab and play within a year you will be a god in azure Azure isnt complex It isnt rocket science It is just something new if you have not used it Its funny how some of these so called azure pros make it look like the work they are doing is gods w…