Matrix conditional formatting not working

I am trying to simply conditionally format the font colour in a Power Bi Matrix visual column. I am using this rule setup:

I’ve hidden the field as this is confidential. It seems to force me to summarize the data field, not sure if this h…

IFNULL in Power BI

How can I convert this Tableau formula to Power BI DAX formula that’ll to do the same thing?
ifnull(Sum([DSO_AR]) / SUM([DSO_12_MonthRollingRevenue]/365) + Sum([DSO_Unbilled_WIP]) / SUM([DSO_12_MonthRollingRevenue]/365),[TargetDSO])

PowerBI Calculated Column Troubleshooting

I am relatively new to PowerBI, but I have been a long time SQL user.
I currently have a DataWarehouse running on SQL Server 2016 fronted by SSAS. As I go through the process of populating measures/calculated columns in SSAS to be consumed…