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Sorry GitHub, I made a big wrong

Sorry GitHub, I made a big wrong

Sorry GitHub, I made a big wrong.

I uploaded photos on my GitHub, and when I check the 4.37 Megabytes photo on GitHub app, it says “Could not resolve file over 10mb.”

When I saw this first time, I understood “10mb” as “10 Megabytes”.


But I can see under 1 Megabyte photos on my GitHub app.


You know, I recognized this specification as a bug. So I send feedback to GitHub as “It says [Could not resolve file over 10 Megabytes] but these photos are under 10 Megabytes. Please able to show these on GitHub app.”

After several weeks, I compered these photos again. Photos on Multi-Motion_CASIO_EX-FC100 are under 1 Megabyte. On the other hand, photos on Tokyo2020_The-Olympic-Flame are over 1 Megabyte.

Me: “Oh my, 10mb is not 10 Megabytes! It’s…It’s 10 Millionbytes! 1 Megabyte!”

Then finally I recognized as 10mb=10 Millionbytes=1 Megabyte.



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Update website on commit

Hey there fellow redditors, i’ve been wondering if it is possible to automatically update my website with the changes I made when I commit them to a specific repository. Example:


Current page has title: “Hello”


I change it to “Welcome” locally and commit it to the repository. When I refresh the page, it now says “Welcome”.


Does anyone know if this is possible, and if so. How would I do exactly that?

Thanks in advance!

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Using other user code as a basis of my own.


I’ve recently started to work with some API and found out there is only one repository on the github that already exists. Code in the repository was useful, but outdated so I had to edit it and add my own. Now the original code is about 30% from the combination of my and original code.

I think that my code will be useful for somebody who is trying to use API, hence I want to upload my code to the Github. I don’t want to make it an original project branch, since I’ve changed a lot of things and this is now my project mainly (original code was posted in 2018 and wasn’t updated since). On the other hand I want to give credit to the original creator of the repository.

So how should I properly upload my code to the Github and give credit to the original creator?

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What is the process for using anything from gethub?(I’m new)

Hello all, what is the process for using downloaded gethub files? I’ve looked around for a while but have never found an answer, but is there some sort of compiling process? a point in the right direction would be appreciated if so. for example, this takes images and turns them into sound to be played back as a spectrogram. the python file is missing quotations. but that’s about it. I’ve never figured out how to use any of these I’ve tried. anyway, thanks all.

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I decline to commit files and it deleted all of them

I was trying to set up git for my unreal project and I realized it was too big for Github; I went to cancel my commit because I wanted to recommit with LFS but when I canceled my commit it deleted all of my files locally. It looks like they are all in my recycling bin but there are thousands of files and they all need to be in the right folders or else unreal will lose the references.

Is there some way I can undo this, I really don’t want to hunt through thousands of blueprints just to reassign all of the lost references?

PS – I’m using the GitHub Desktop application

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(help) how do I trasnfer a pull request from a forked repository to the actual repository?

I’m unable to make a pull request with my proposed changed in the repository I want to do it, because I don’t have push access to it. so I forked this repository to upload my files into a pull request, but it’s useless, since the repository owner will not see it. I want to know if there’s some way of transfering the pull request I made from the forked repository to the actual repository. anyone know if that’s possible?

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Why doesnt github let you delete pull requests in a private repo you own?

I accidentally made some pull requests today and there was no warning you couldn’t remove them from the account.

I own the repo, its private, no one else has access to it. Why cant I delete pull requests? I am a paying user of github but this makes me want to switch away to a self-hosted solution or similar.

Github claims to be a champion of FOSS but a critical component of FOSS is the ability of a user to do what they like with their own data and Github doesn’t let you do that.

I dont want non-useful and reverted PRs in my repo history.

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Got an open-source project or side project? – I’m building something that may help you

Hey πŸ‘‹,

My name is Dave Boyne and I have spent the last few years writing inner source code and released a few open-source projects on GitHub.

I enjoy being part of the open-source community and it’s something that I’m very passionate about.

I have started my next new journey to help all engineers across the world!

The vision: A tool that transforms your GitHub projects into Landing pages automatically.

I believe landing pages for projects are a great way to express your thoughts and creativity.

But creating landing pages can be time-consuming.

Especially when you have so many other things to do. That’s why I wanted to create a tool that easily allows people to create landing pages with zero effort and offer the creativity a landing page can offer.

I have no idea if this is a thing people want, or will find useful, but it’s a tool that solves a problem for me, so hopefully others too?

Anyway, you can check more information out on my projects landing page πŸ˜…

I would love to hear your thoughts? Is it a good idea or any feedback you may have?

Thank you πŸ‘‹

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