Returning Blank List

A little help here please. This is for information purposes only. I’m scraping this site using xpath method from the lxml.html library to return the element that contains what I need. I’m a beginner so after doing some research I figured o…

CSS grid maximum two columns in one row

I’m trying to realize a grid layout.
I have a container that’s supposed to be my grid. This grid shall have maximum 2 columns in one row, but only 1 column in case there’s only 1 item (remove items from html). So far, there will be an empt…

jQuery turns in a game

I have this javascript code in my html that i was making for fun.
My problem is that i cannot stop the game after a set of turns. I want it to stop and tell the user the answer to my game and then make the user reload the game but i cannot…

how to set padding on select tag

why there is no right padding 14px on select tag?
I’m on Chrome – last version

margin:0 auto;
padding:0 14px;