how to get the response JSON in swift

i got a response from my Alamofire post request. I want to get the Status code from the response.
Here in the code:
case .success(let upload, _, _):
upload.responseJSON { response in

WKWebview shows text with padding

I’m using a WKWebView which has the width of the entire screen.
I’m getting this text from google docs into that WKWebView –

The text should stretch from side to side. Why am I getting this large padding from both sides?

How to fix OneSignal issue in React Native?

The app is developed with RN. And it works fine in android.
But when I build it in Xcode, it shows error. I have attached error image,
This error seems come from onesignal push notificaiton package.

enter image description here

I have tried with these kind of way:
UIApplication.sharedApplication not available
Facebook cocoapods ‘sharedApplication’ is unavailable: not available on iOS (App Extension)
But it shows the same error