Capturing and screenshotting processing

So I’m wanting to take the user’s webcam input and display it but then have it so the user can screenshot a frame and save said screenshot into the sketch folder. But it is constantly taking screenshots, when I only want to take one once t…

need information about signature error in java

I saw it in .what it mean?
and I got a error in NetBeans. I have checked the similar question but still cant solve it.
**I could run this project before ,But now it shows this error and I cant solve it (I’m working on it around 4 hours **…

Sonar Ant Task and SSL

I have 2 projects one uses Maven & the other one Ant. The Sonar server uses SSL. I am able to scan the Maven project, with credentials like Truststore. The Ant Task is complaining about Certificates, despite using the same credentials….