How to get sum of json array

so i am fetching values from a database and then i am returing/using them in json/javascript as an array for example as shown here
the problem is that i want the sum of the array elements. i used this code:
““var obj1 = JSON.parse(data)…

JSON to HTML conversion using jq

I have a JSON in the below format, I want to create an HTML file from it in the given format. Unfortunately I can only use ‘jq’ to achieve this due to some limitations. I am new to the world of shell script and this one is really bugging m…

Power query JSON dynamic URL

it is my first use of power query and I need your help
I’d like to retrieve from web some compagny values base on their identification number, the french SIRET
for that I’d like to enter the SIRET in a cell (named entersiret) in my excel a…