How to make kernel memory leak?

I have a server where the root partition is read-only. I analyzed the system log and judged that it might be caused by a kernel memory leak. The following is the final section of the system log:
node kernel: [278981.649131] SLUB: Unable to…

Advice wanted: A good, cheap multimedia storage SSD for linux.

Over the past couple of years I’ve dragged along with a 1TB Samsung 850 Pro SSD as a secondary storage device. I say dragged along because it’s quite possible the most buggy POS disk I ever had to contend with, at least on linux. It has this…thing…it does, where if it is engaged in writing for any substantial amount of time it will simply stop in continuous chunks 5% of the time, corrupting whatever file it’s currently writing to, making it pretty useless as mass-storage. It intermittently complains about “unavailable DRM-features” in the TTY, and generally slows down system boot and shutdown because something about it needs to time out. Works fine on windows though, and the EVO version supposedly works fine on linux too.

Anyway, it’s getting the boot. I’ve filled up my M.2-slots (1 for system, 1 for steamgames and whatever), and now I’d like some cheap, not necessarily blazing fast, storage for movies, music and what have you (though not spinning disks).

Any good recommendations for what to look at? I’m thinking 1-2TB 2.5″ SATAIII SSD’s.

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Best Programming language for making GUI or desktop application in Linux

I use openSUSE and I’d like to develop some software to use as a desktop software. But, I’m unsure what language or framework to use.

I moved not too long ago to linux and i know that for developing Windows applications you mainly use c++. Can you use c++ to develop GUI desktop apps in Linux??

Any insight or suggestions are welcome.

EDIT: Sorry, reddit glitched and posted my post twice

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What’s ya opinion on GNOME 40? Are you all mad of the changes, think gnome team is going in a good direction, or you’ll just wait it out?

For me I am really happy for the way gnome has been handling gnome so far. Gnome 40 looks nice and all but what I’m really focus on is will it get the job done for my needs like GNOME 3. But other wise I am really happy with the way the Gnome Team is going but really it’ll all depends on the effort.

Sorry for bad English not my native language…

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As a semi-experience linux user, I want to completely make the switch from Windows to Linux, but I don’t know where distro to choose

Hi, for my entire life essentially I have used windows (I’m not that old tho). Although, for a few months last year, I used Manjaro cause my school gave me a 7-year-old computer and Windows was too heavy. I honestly liked Manjaro a lot, but I don’t if it’s the best for me.

Things I just can’t stand about Windows:

– Doesn’t work half the time — as a programmer, I have to constantly mess with stuff, and windows decides to be an asshole about it. I would venture to say that I have spend over 30% of the time on my computer fixing it.

– Viruses — I like downloading free stuff and viruses are just a fact of life for this.

– Slow — I will have discord, a dozen chrome tabs, and spotify open and it will lag when I switch desktops.

– Driver Issues — I have had to deal with more display, network, power, and mouse drivers than I can even recount.

– Awful with second monitors — constantly worrying whether it would recognize my monitor every time I plug my laptop into its dock.

Things I’m also looking for:

– Python, Java, Javascript, and Cuda support

– Support for running .exe files

– Simple setup

– Speed and good memory management

– It just works

– Second monitor support

Some additional comments:

Over the past 2 years or so I’ve become mildly familiar with Ubuntu, Manjaro, and Raspbian so I’m not an absolute noob. I’m an avid Chrome user and I will constantly have at least 25 tabs open across 3 different windows, so I would like to be able to do this without really worrying about lag or OOM stuff (ik chrome uses bricks of ram, that’s why I’m mentioning this). In addition to all this, my daily driver is the HP envy x360 15m-dr0012dx (i7-8565U), and recently my battery life has been absolute garbage, like 1.5 hours with medium usage, as opposed to the 8 hour battery life it started with (~1 year ago). I’m fairly sure the batter is physically in good shape (95% health), at least thats what the windows battery health tool told me. Anyways, I think this is a result of lots of background tasks + potentially a virus. One more thing to note, I want a very user-friendly experience, as in I can access nearly everything from well-designed GUIs. One thing I think windows did really well is the start menu (its slow tho) and its search, they are just so convenient and I would like a Linux distro that has that or something similar (one of the reasons I originally choose Manjaro). As an added note, I would like the ability to play around with it and make it look fancy like the people at r/unixporn but not as hardcore.

Thank you!

TLDR: I’m looking for a solid Linux distro to use instead of Windows

EDIT: One big thing is I would still like to dual boot it with windows

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Does anyone have a Juno computer?

I am looking to upgrade and was about to buy Apple because I already have Linux but Linux is simply too good to ignore and is harder to decrypt by authorities than Apple or Windows (If encrypted during installation). I am about to buy from Juno Compute…

Why is GNU HURD not (A)GPLv3

I was just reading the wikipedia page about the GNU Hurd kernel. But i noticed something. It said its GPLv2+, why ? Why did they not relicense the GNU Hurd to GPLv3 or AGPLv3 since its GPLv2 or later ? Will it ever be ? submitted by /u/b…

Is MacOS = premium Linux?

I bought Mac and I saw interface is so similar to Linux. It is 180° different than Windows. I bought Mac not even looking how it OS looks (just wanted to get rid of Windows). We had in school Linux so it was so similar. So is the MacOS a premium Linux…

Which Linux CLI/graphical tools you wish, you would have started using earlier?

I have learnt so many cool commands and tools just by visiting forums particularly memes one (it’s true)

1.bat (enhanced cat command which highlights syntax and give easily readability using less: yeah less is more)

2.tldr (name defines it, don’t want to sniff through whole man pages to get some necessary commands, tldr{some distros ship it as tealdeer} is your friend)

3.scrcpy (android wireless debugging tool, really useful if you don’t wanna fudge around with cables)


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abc : A command-line tool for frictionless C programming

While coding my school projects, I got tired of my slow workflow in C. So I decided to write a “small” bash script to automate this workflow, and it ended up accidentaly being a 300 line “project manager”… The front-end is mainly inspired of the cargo tool in Rust, so if you have already used it you’ll be at home :).

What it looks like

Right now you can :

  • Create a new project with abc new <project_name>
  • Initialize a project within a directory with abc init
  • Compile your code with abc build or abc b
  • Compile and execute your code with abc run or abc r
  • Run unit tests with abc test or abc t

Also you shouldn’t need to fiddle too much with the Makefile !

The main feature: Tests!

After polishing the script for the last few days, I decided today to add test support (and I’m quite proud of it!). Right now if you want to write a test in a file all you need to do is to wrap an integer function like so :

#ifdef TEST int test_two_plus_two() { int x = 2 + 2; return (x == 4); } #endif 

and abc test will do the rest!

You can check out the script here. My main goal was to have a lightweight utility that I didn’t have to impose on my programming partners, and except for the tests, my goal is achieved 🙂

The script is mainly POSIX-compliant except for a dependency on ripgrep for faster parsing of tests. Oh and it is only fairly tested so if you find any bugs let me now !

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