Windows does some strange things (again)

Why am I posting Windows stuff at r/linux?

I’m glad you asked! Today I finally set up a kvm host and for gaming and image editing I added a Windows VM.

What I learned: Windows Taskmanager does not know any SI prefixes above Tera.

Besides that: Windows wants to tell me, that my (virtual) ethernet connection transvers 2.8Tbps. (I don’t even know how to describe this number in football field but my best guess would be: Thats ~35 time the capacity of the DE-CIX!)


My guess is that Windows got a bit confused by the Linux power πŸ™‚

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overwatch and ubuntu

I am having an issue with overwatch where when i download it using lutris it goes a little over 25% then stopped and Im greeted with this. Could someone help me? I have been having this issue for hours submitted by /u/LuckyPresentation184…

M1 Mac ARM processors and Linux

Noob question: Even if Linux supports ARM processors someday completely it will have a big limitation because developers need to port their apps to ARM before they can be used on these types of processors, right? submitted by /u/Gullible-…

Broken Repositories

been using Linux Mint Mate for about 9y

I find many apps in the Repositories severely outdated, same for PPAs

many developers are abandoning Repositories & PPAs and going FlatPak, a huge bloated mess

gnote – buggy in the Repository, the PPA won’t load in synaptic

handbrake – Repository not updated, PPA not updated, going FlatPak

Linux is starting to look like Windows 10 – a big mess! 😡😠😑🀬

Enjoy The Collapse πŸ€ͺπŸ”₯πŸ’₯πŸ’€

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Looking forward to learn how Linux works "under the hood".

Hey there! I’m basically new to GNU/Linux. I’ve been using it for a year now. I use the Ubuntu distro, but I’d love to learn “plain” Linux (I don’t know how to describe it).

Like: commands, how it works and what it does, how is Linux structured, how it manages packages and modules, etc.


I’m really sorry for my silly questions. But I’d like to learn. While you are reading this, I’m also searching for answers to my doubts, even though, I’ll love to receive answers from you ;).

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Lightweight beginner distro

I’m looking to recommend a beginner distro to my sister, windows doesn’t run well on her laptop anymore. I thought about pop os with the de switched to cinnamon for lower overhead, but I’m unsure how much that’ll help. I’m also thinking about Linux min…

Why did people start to use Windows instead of Unix/Linux?

I’m serious. I use Linux for 3-4 years already and I have a big question, why the f world started using Windows many years ago. That’s really interesting. Linux has more advantages than Windows.

1 Linux asks you everything if that is necessary. It doesn’t updating whiteout your agreement and permissions.

2 Linux gives you the ability to do whatever you want to your computer, with hardware. Windows can’t give you one. Maybe only with kernel permissions but Idk how to get one. Maybe wrong here

3 The only thing I need to install on Linux to make it work fine is the video card driver and that’s all.

4 It’s free and almost all soft free too (gimp, libreoffice, so on). Maybe if Linux would be used worldwide then more programs are paid. Maybe

5 No pre-installed anti-malware services. Even if it would be pre-installed then I’m sure for 100% that I can stop one and delete in 2 clicks.

6 Linux is faster. It’s a fact.

7 Problems. If You have problems in Linux then just be root or ctrl-alt-f2. That stuff can solve every problem on Linux if it’s not about Grub or something like that. Windows is f***ed about that. Sometimes you need to install something to solve. Sometimes you need to edit the registry to solve. Sometimes safemode to solve.

8 You can customize Linux however you want. Windows is limited about that.

9 Privacy. Linux doesn’t collect your data, it’s open-source and I think people would already know if Linux does one. Windows already directly tells you that it collects your data.

I know Linux is younger than Windows but it’s Unix-like OS, but Unix is older than Windows. Means people were using Unix for some time and at some point started using Windows instead of continuing using Unix and then Unix + Unix-Like. Why? That’s the point I’ve told you above. I just wanna know your opinion on what happened when Windows was released. Why people refused to use Unix and Unix-like systems. Is it hard? Or maybe need to learn some shell commands to solve problems?


Edit: solved. Thx

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Is this "the year of Linux"?

Hey y’all. As someone who’s been using Linux for around 1 to 1 1/2 years, I’ve heard that the “year of Linux” has been regularly prophesied, but never came. Now with Steam Deck, NVIDIA showing ray-traced gaming on Linux, Linus Tech Tips making a video on how to install Linux instead of Windows 11, and much more… Will THIS year (or 2022) be the year of Linux?

Also already showed an increase from 0.80% to 1.13% in the last 5 months, which means a 41,25% increase.


I’ve tried working out a function to estimate how long it would theoretically take to overtake Windows at this pace, but my math is really rusty.

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