Need to speed up R loop

I need to speed up the nested loop below. Scores linked to item IDs are recorded by date. For each item with multiple scores, I need to relate the scores and the time distance between them. On toy data like that below, it works fine, but w…

Node-Red looping audio/sound

I have a flow, where I can play a sound/audio.
What I wan’t now is to loop the sound/audio, so if it’s 10sec. then it will start over and over again.
I can find alot about looping for DC, but not just to loop a sound/audio file.
Hope someo…

Stop Scanner Input (JAVA)

I’ve tried everything I found on the internet to make this program work but still nothing.
I end up with a "Exception in thread "main" java.util.NoSuchElementException". The error definitely comes from the scanner but I…