awk match regex warning

I am trying to run this awk code on a macOS:
first_argument_open_quote = match(payload, /[‘\"]/);

and I am getting the following message:
warning: regexp escape sequence `\"’ is not a known regexp operator

I need to match a si…

match to end of line in bash regex with =~

I am trying to use bash regex match to parse a line out of a multi-line string. Why does the following not work?
if [[ $qout =~ ${q}[^\n]* ]] ; then

It matches up to the letter n. I tried using \\n or even \\\n, but nothing worked.
$qout …

index and match multple criteria

I am trying to use index and match to find when two columns match another two columns then return another column in the same row. For example,

IF (Sheet1:ColA = Sheet2:ColA) and (Sheet1:ColB = Sheet2:Col B) then return Sheet2:ColC.
Here …