Microsoft recruiter wants to chat after onsite loop

Had an onsite loop for sse at microsoft last Wednesday..I thought 3 out of 4 went good…..recruiter (from Global Talent Acquisition)asked for a time to chat on Monday….I know the HM is in a hurry as he mentioned it during interview….but I’m quite anxious it could be a reject as turn around was too less.. Could it be positive as well?? This suspense spoiling my weekend… not sure of process there typically.

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Not able to completely get OneDrive off my pc

I’m really at my limit here with OneDrive. I’ve been trying to get OneDrive off my pc for a while now and it just doesn’t work. Even after uninstalling the program multiple times, it is still linked to my documents folder. I’ve tried to paste them into another folder and these blue arrows from OneDrive are always there. I just want to get this program off my pc for good.

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USB mouse not working?

I am using a Microsoft mouse on windows 10, and it’s turned on with the red light on and shining, and the USB plug green light is also on, but the mouse simply refuses to work. Tried disabling and enabling in the devmgmt.msc on the execute tab, removed…