Apple’s M1 Macbook Pro runs Windows 10 on ARM faster than the Surface Pro X

As we said earlier, Apple’s New M1 chip has been heralded as a fast and efficient success. As expected, these new Macbooks won’t run Windows and Apple’s official method to do so, Bootcamp, isn’t available at this time. Obviously, this is because the Windows OS is built for x86 chipsets while the new Apple M1 is based on ARM. Interestingly, a developer named Alexander Graf has managed to successfully run virtualized Windows 10 on ARM on the new M1-powered MacBook. Who said Windows wouldn’t run well on #AppleSilicon? It’s pretty snappy here 😁. #QEMU patches for reference: —

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Activity Reporting

If my son turned off the activity reporting for his computer would it notify me? I noticed the option was there in case he ever finds it. submitted by /u/P4rriair [link] [comments]

Recover word document

So my girlfriend accidentally deleted a document without savings it. I googled how to recover it and found a few options about recovering deleted files in word and other things, but none of them worked for me.

Does anyone know a good way I’d be able to find this document?

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Microsoft ToDo app / Sort planned tasks by time?

Is it me or is this a missing feature of the app that leaves it lacking?

I want to see a schedule of my days tasks in time order that I want to do them. I can add a date due for each task plus a separate reminder with a date and time, but the tasks aren’t sorted according to time (which would have to use the reminder time, since the task due option doesn’t have a time option).

Anyone else spotted this and figured out a work-around?

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Phantom Bing Searches?

So I just happened to accidentally stumble upon the fact that I have searches in my Bing History I did not actually do.

A bit of context

-Relatively fresh (2wk old Windows 202H install from fresh USB) on a PC just built by me from new parts

-Use Microsoft Edge as browser

-Used Bing search out of accidental laziness first few days then switched it to Google, some of these searches happened after switching to Google as search provider

So I happened to stumble upon some searches in my Bing History that I did not do and do not show up in my general history in Edge. It’s for really random stuff, like actors, hobby craft paint, etc. There’s about 5 of them. Cross referencing these searches with my life history on my Arlo cam shows I was usually home, but not always, when these searches happened. This PC runs 24/7, it’s actually a PC I use for gaming and light web browsing that is hooked up to a projector in my bedroom.

I have a primary gaming PC and a work laptop and they do not have this issue, both are also relatively new and running fresh 202H installs.

I’m a bit baffled. I apparently searched for “Romy Rosemont” and “Romy Rosemont (interviews)” a few days ago – it would have occurred while I was watching a youtube video passively as I was cleaning up my bedroom and changing my sheets and stuff at the time followed by a shower – the video continued running the entire time.

I was a little concerned at first but the likelihood this is anything malicious is quite low to my knowledge, and is likely grounded in something more mundane and idiotic. Anyone else ever experience anything like this? A cursory search shows a few people over the years with similar complaints – mundane searches they didn’t commit showing up in their Bing history.

One thing I postulated is that Microsoft is using peoples computers to automatically boost search numbers for particular items, but I can’t quite put my finger on how the risk vs. benefit pans out on that.

I should also note that this is a cleanly run computer, there are no nonsense programs here. I used revo-uninstaller and the powershell to remove virtually all apps. All this PC has installed by me is Steam – that’s literally it. I used process explorer to search what’s running and can’t find anything out of place either. The likelihood some nefarious hacker or clandestine government agency has ultimate control over my machine and is monitoring my whereabouts to the precision degree that they are committing searches for Glee actresses when I am not paying attention is….quite low. But it’s still obviously pretty disconcerting.

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