Plotly cartesian axis

Hi I am trying to get Cartesian style axis on my Plotly graph, I have got the axis in the right position but can not anchor them to the zero line. Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks.
fig = go.Figure(data=go.Line(x=x, y=y,line_color…

Can’t add surface to plot_ly

I try to follow the documented way to create a 3D plot_ly surface plot:
# volcano is a numeric matrix that ships with R
fig <- plot_ly(z = ~volcano)
fig <- fig %>% add_surface()


which produces a nice surface …

Hide the 0 value on an axis in Plotly

Having a tick label at 0 is rather useless and takes up space. I want all of the tick labels to stay exactly where they are, except I simply want to hide the 0 tick label on the x and/or yaxis. How would I do this?

Drag and Drop matrix with Plotly

I want to build a dash app that generates a matrix using Plotly. Currently, I have an editable table, so if someone wants to move the pie charts, they can edit variables in the table.
However, the users would like to drag the circles on th…