How to add div to React Native?

I’ve just started my react native app and having some troubles. I have some experience with react but that doesnt seem to be helping much. The div surrounding the Text is meant to be my app header so Im trying to style it but for some reas…

How to map array into Avatar Element

how to do the map that foreach item in the arry will be avatar element
example arry:
let arr = [{id:1},{id:2},{id:3},{id:4}]

the avatar element that i want that foreach item in the arry will be all this:
(i have tried something like that …

Destructuring object REACT

I just started with REACT. I am working with a few graphs and each graph has a few radio buttons. Now depending upon which graph’s radio button is clicked, I update the data on that graph. Here is a snippet of the handler function
switch …