Oracle Sql Basic Command

There are two columns that I want to compare at my table. One is Cost-price and the other is list-price. I want to find the materials which’s cost-price is higher than list-price. How can I compare this columns and how can I write this que…

Find addresses in polygon

I have table A which list of addresses, And I have a GEOJSON file with list of polygons, I need a query which can list , column A with Address and column b with polygon that address belongs to. Can we use SDO_INSIDE ? if so how ? #sdo_geo…

SQL Regex Expression

I am trying to fetch all the IDs in SQL that matches the following parameters, the IDs look like these LLL-DDDDD

LLL has 1 to 3 letters in it
DDDDD has 3 to 5 digits in it

Its usually an ID like A-12345 or AA-12345 or AAA-12345
I think I…