VIM syntax highlight matching

I noticed that C++ functions were not getting any styles applied to them with my vim stylings, so I figured it’d be simple to add a quick regex match to find any word immediately followed by a (, and count that as a syntax.
In my .vim, I p…

Execute line(s) of python script in Vim

I just started using Vim for my main IDE, and one of my frequently used functions in the previous IDE is "execute selection in python".
I’ve learned that there are two ways in executing the code in python,
one is :python3 {expre…

VIM – open file in readonly mode via :tabfind

The task is simple
Lets say I have a file named Project/Sample/ I have set the path in vimrc to fetch all the files in inside the dir Project
If I do :tabfind som and press TAB key it autofills the filename(Project/Sample/some…

Vim: Running project from _not_ root file?

If I am in the root file of my project, I can execute it by pressing because of a line roughly like
map <buffer> <F9> :w<CR>:exec "!python3 " . %<CR>

in my .vimrc.
However, the project is split o…