Uploading instead of Recording

I was trying to fill the application and visited the site
Unfortunately, this site needs us to record the 180 seconds after clicking the button
Is there some way by which I can upload the video instead of recording through my old camera

xampp 8 phpmyadmin Forbidden

I Have Installed Latest Xampp (8) With The New PHP 8 Version,
Everything is Ok but the phpmyadmin cannont be accessed as the following image.
I Tried Solution In Here, But The Problem is still There, And This is my httpd-xampp.c…

Record DNS to port IP

I have a server with 2 port. Port 1000 for Apache server and port 8000 for IIS.
I have 2 domain, I want to config with information bellow.
Domain 1 -> MyIP:1000
Domain 2 -> MyIP:8000
How can I config this?

How to preventDefault in forms?

DISCLAIMER: I want to say, that I already found those similar questions, and none of them was helpful for me.
So the problem is- i have a form with some inputs, and I want to make an js validation for that form. But, preventDefault functio…