World cities data in XML or database?

I’m creating a list of all countries and major cities in the world. The list has about 7000 nodes including countries, states and cities. It seems like this:
United States – California – Los Angeles

And I need to search locations by k…

Android Studio : get data API format XML

I want to get data from the website vnexpress, it returns result XML. But it contains <![CDATA]>, I can’t retrieve data in <![CDATA]>. help me get data in it. Thank you!
See my picture, I don’t know how to explain it

How to add an XML node with text

I can create my XML like which I need, but I have problem in small part. I can create this <ubl:InvoicedQuantity unitCode="M2"/> but I need in this line to host text as well, it should be like <cbc:InvoicedQuantity unitC…