SEO – Will Google find pages generated from the URL if they’re included in the sitemap.xml?

I'm working on a dynamic site and want it to operate similar to a real-estate site where every property seems to have its own page. I know they don't build and maintain millions of unique pages, but google results have unique URLs as if they do.

Using the wordpress add_rewrite_rule(), I'm directing anything under mysite/this_dir/... to this_template.php which will build the page based on the URL content.

My question is, can I include specific URLs in the sitemap.xml, even though those pages don't "exist", and submit them via the google search console?

For example:

My sitemap.xml contains the url https://www.mysite/this_dir/cats-are-cool-yes and somebody searches Cats are cool yes.

Will google return a page with that url as a search result, even though the page is actually mysite/this_dir/this_template.php?

If not, how would I achieve this? Thanks!

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