how to avoid pbix selecting "first" value?

I have a Clients table, with columns:

  • Name
  • Number
  • Parent
  • Parent Number
  • Owner

Whenever a client has same Parent as itself,for example:

  • Name: Client 1
  • Number: 12345
  • Parent: Client 1
  • Parent Number: 12345
  • Owner: xyz

It means that it has no parent.

My problem comes when using a Matrix in Power BI…

In Rows I have

  • Parent
  • Name

When I choose Owner… automatically, it creates this “First Owner” and picks a “wrong” value… enter image description here

I understand that since its grouping by, it just picks the first value… but the row does have a value, how can I force to select the owner?

(I guess the model is not ideal, but I would like to fix it with a measure or a calculated column).

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