Route Enhancer Configuration, when working with Extbase and Yoast

Since I have created a route enhancer for single view entries of one of our typo3 extensions, the title and description fields are no longer being processed to the frontend. <title></title> consists only of the page title instead of the record title and <meta name="description" .../> is missing completely. If I remove the route enhancer SeminarSingleView, the links are ugly again, but the tags are filled correctly.

Typo3 9.5.14

Yoast 6.0.1

Here is the part from the config.yaml that deals with route enhancing:

    type: PageType
    default : ''
      sitemap.xml: 1533906435
      yoast-snippetpreview.json: 1480321830
    type: Extbase
    limitToPages: [62,142]
    namespace: the_namespace
      - { routePath: '/{url_slug}', _controller: 'Product::show', _arguments: {'url_slug' : 'product'}  }
    defaultController: 'Product::show'
        type: PersistedAliasMapper
        tableName: 'the_table'
        routeFieldName: 'speaking_url'

The route enhancer itself works like a charm. Is there anything missing that I do not see? I've read through these two:

but could not find information that struck me as useful. Any ideas? I can and will obviously provide more information if needed. The line yoast-snippetpreview.json: 1480321830 is new and was part of my attempt to fix the problem. But it only fixed the preview in the backend. A problem no one had realized yet existed.

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