Tokio error: "there is no reactor running" even with #[tokio::main] and a single version of tokio installed

when running code like this:

use futures::executor;
pub fn store_temporary_password(email: &str, password: &str) -> Result<(), Box<dyn Error>> {
  let client = DynamoDbClient::new(Region::ApSoutheast2);
  let future = client.put_item(input);
  executor::block_on(future)?; <- crashes here

I get the error:

thread '<unnamed>' panicked at 'there is no reactor running, must be called from the context of a Tokio 1.x runtime

My main has the tokio annotation as it should:

async fn main() {

My cargo.toml looks like:

futures = { version="0", features=["executor"] }
tokio = "1"

My cargo.lock shows that i only have 1 version of both futures and tokio ("1.2.0" and "0.3.12" respectively).

This exhausts the explanations I found elsewhere for this problem. Any ideas? Thanks.

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