Opening an Access Form from a hyperlink

We currently have an ASP/SQl Server system, which has an option to send an e-mail to a user. This e-mail contains a hyperlink to another ASP page, which shows a specific database record.

I'm currently working on a resilience version of the system, which is MS Access based. The user's would like to keep the same functionality, and have an e-mail which contains a hyperlink back to the database, opening a specific form and filtering it to a record.

I believe the solution lies somewhere in using Command() to get the parameters from the command line, however I am actually having difficulty currently opening the database itself. The code i'm currently using is:

<a href="C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\MSACCESS.exe 
    H:\Access DB\11th March\Link to DB\Dealer 
    Startup Admin EU v10.mdb" > 

I think this should open the Dealer Startup database, however it is failing stating the file cannot be found. If I remove the second step i.e. H:\Access DB etc. the link opens Access, so I am wondering if i'm doing something syntactically incorrect? The file path definitely seems right.

Also would someone be able to give some advice on the use of /c in a hyperlink? The small amount of information I have found seems to suggest it doesn't work but if someone could clarify or give me an example of how to do it I would appreciate it



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