How to sort object’s values to be the lowest possible

we have example input which is:

    "Bulgaria > Sofia > 200",
    "Bulgaria > Sopot > 800",
    "France > Paris > 2000",
    "Albania > Tirana > 1000",
    "Bulgaria > Sofia > 500"

I basicly add them to an object like that:

destination= {
bulgaria: {Sofia: 500, Sopot: 800},
france: {Paris: 2000}
//and the rest the same way

So the example gives us: country > town > cost And I want to take the for example if there are 2 Sofias I want to take the one with the lower cost, but the code I will give you down just overrides them.

function solve2(input)
    let destination = {};

    input.forEach(set => {
        let [country, town, cost] = set.split(' > ');
        cost = Number(cost)

        destination[country] = {
            [town]: cost


I want when there are 2 towns in the same country to take the lower cost and put it in the object of destination and then in Bulgaria and the bigger cost just to be skipped.

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