How can i read an unknown number of integers until space character is reached ? (C++)

I need to read numbers from console separated by ; until i get to the space character. The input should look something like this: 3;1 -2;-1;1 1;1;3;2 . There can by more than one space between each set of numbers and i need to insert each set of numbers into a vector . My initial ideea was something like this:

char c;
std::vector<double> coordinates;
while(std::cin >> c){
    if(c != ' ' & c != ';'){
        double a = c - 48;

The problem with this is that converting a char to an integer using ASCII can't be made if I have negative numbers. If anyone could give me another method to do this type of reading or can give me some advice I would appreciate it very much!

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