Neo4j 3.5 Query Performance Issue

I have following query running in neo4j (community 3.5)

MATCH (a:master_node:PERF:Application)-[r1]->(n:master_node:PERF)-[r:AFFINITY]->(m:master_node:PERF)<-[r2]-(a1:master_node:PERF:Application)
WHERE exists(n.latest_ingestion)
  AND exists(m.latest_ingestion)
  AND id(a) <> id(a1)

and my configurations for neo4j are as follows:

heap_size : 8GB
page_cache : 4GB

and I have Indexes for the label(Application) on property(name) and above query running over 100k nodes.But the Query is running for longer time and consuming so much of memory.

Please help me out to improve the performance.

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