Use one dataframe rows to connect the columns of two different dataframes (Pandas)

I have a dataframe named "table":

UNICO       |   RES    |        
Responsabile|   -      | 
Product     |  Prodotto| 
Brand       |  Brand   | 

The column names of table dataframe corresponds to 2 dataframe. The first one, "Unico", which is empty, is something like this:

Responsabile | Product  | Brand
NaN          | NaN      | NaN

The second one, "RES" is something like this:

Prodotto | Brand
X        | AA
Y        | BB

I want to use the rows of the dataframe table to connect the values of the columns of the dataframe UNICO to the values of the columns of the dataframe RES and populate the dataframe UNICO. My expected outcome is:


Responsabile | Product  | Brand
NaN          |     X    | AA
NaN          |     Y    | BB

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