How to downsize an AWS RDS instance to free tier

I want to create a free tier clone of a production AWS RDS PostgreSQL. As per my understanding, following are different ways

  1. create a snapshot of the production DB and restore it on t2.micro
  2. create a read replica of the production DB using t2.micro and then detach it as independent database
  3. create a free tier database and restore a database dump of the production db

Option 3 is my last preference.

The problem is while creating read replica or restoring from snapshot, AWS doesn't explicitly allow to choose the free tier template. I just want to know if restoring to t2.micro without any advanced features like autoscaling, performance monitoring etc. is equivalent to free tier or not? I read here that the key thing with AWS production DB is that AWS provisions a secondary database provisioned to fallback in event of failure of the primary database or the Availability Zone in which the database is running.

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