Authenticate with Firebase Using Email Link (In Android)

Now, I'm following this - (

Using this code,

ActionCodeSettings actionCodeSettings =
                            // URL you want to redirect back to. The domain ( for this
                            // URL must be whitelisted in the Firebase Console.
                            // This must be true
                                    false, /* installIfNotAvailable */
                                    "12"    /* minimumVersion */)

I sent email successfully.

I set URL with Dynamic Link I made, "".

And when I open the link in email, my app is opened successfully.

But I have a problem with this code

    FirebaseAuth auth = FirebaseAuth.getInstance();
    Intent intent = getIntent();
    String emailLink = "";
    if( intent.getData() != null ){
        emailLink = intent.getData().toString();
        Log.d("DYNAMIC", "INTENT: " + emailLink);
        Log.d("DYNAMIC", "No INTENT");

    // Confirm the link is a sign-in with email link.
    if (auth.isSignInWithEmailLink(emailLink)) {

auth.isSignInWithEmailLink(emailLink) returned false, so cannot login.

When app is opened with the link in email, I checked intent.getData().toString()(String emailLink) with Log.d() and it was "".

Maybe It is wrong emailLink with isSignInWithEmailLink()...

Is there something that I missed?

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